On Tuesday we went to Niagara Falls. As soon as we arrived, we got some free time to hang out on Clifton Hill. We all split up and went our own ways. Some of us went to an arcade, some watched a few small films, some went on a walk and some went to a haunted house.

Jake and Lindsey (students from The YMCA Academy) along with Kali (Student from the Living and Learning Center) went into the haunted house and this was their adventure:

Jake: “Someone get in front of me so I can film this!”
Kali: “Lindsey, get in front of us”
Lindsey (in a scared voice): “Kali come with me!”

They all heard scary noises and felt around them. Jake started freaking out because something touched his face and started running to finish the haunted house as fast as he could. Kali and Lindsey ran to catch up with Jake. Jake again saw something behind him and immediately fell to the ground!! They all ran out of the haunted house freaking out.- What an adventure!!!

We all regrouped to eat lunch with a great view of the falls and share our Clifton Hill’s Adventures. Then we started the slow walk down to the water’s edge, collecting a red plastic poncho on the way. Onto the “Hornblower” we went (used to be called The Maid of the Mist). With a commentary in the background and the spray of the falls in front, we quickly took pictures before the power of the falls turned us around for the return journey.

We had a few more minutes before getting back on the bus, so we spent our time walking up river and enjoying the views. Back on the bus we got and headed towards Toronto. We had a lovely dinner hosted by Ryan’s family at their recording studio, TA2. We had chicken, potatoes and rice and for people that are vegetarians they had salad. We also learned about the process of recording and putting together the layers of audio for a commercial. After we had dinner, some of us went to the movies and some went back to their homes or hostel. The people that went to the movies had a choice of three movies which were Logan, LIFE, and Kong Skull Island.

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Youth Exchange Canada: Toronto – Day Three

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