Yukon the Facility Dog at the YMCA AcademyYMCA Academy teachers and staff go above and beyond every day to support the well-being of our students and their families. Through constant communication, the Academy team builds personalized strategies to help students meet their socio-emotional needs and break down barriers that could otherwise impact their academic and personal growth.

Here are a handful of our many resources for providing wrap-around support.


Student Life Counsellor

Our Student Life Counsellor provides personal and responsive counselling to students, assisting them with developing and practicing skills including problem solving, emotional regulation, self-advocacy, and impulse control. The Student Life Counsellor supports students to make informed choices that will lead toward their personal growth, development and well-being. The counsellor’s office, strategically positioned overlooking the school’s central gathering space, is a haven for students in need of socio-emotional support.

Staff Collaboration and Communication

Academy teachers and staff are highly collaborative, and use a combination of large- and small-group meetings and productivity tools to ensure that no student “falls through the cracks.” Teachers and staff regularly receive and provide updates about new and ongoing challenges students are facing, within and beyond the classroom. Informal discussions happen many times each day, and the entire team meets weekly to collaborate around student needs.

Community Connections

The Academy is part of a robust network of organizations and practitioners who work together to support our students and their families. These include mental health professionals, counsellors, tutors, occupational therapists, educational psychologists, and advocacy organizations from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.