On Monday, our group travelled to Casa Loma, taking in great views of the city as we climbed the hill and stairs to the castle. Our first adventure was walking through the 800 ft tunnel, through the “Toronto The Dark Side” exhibit to the stables and antique car exhibits. We then watched a film that took us through the history of Casa Loma and learned a lot about the time period in which it was built. After the film, we had free time to explore all of the rooms and grounds of the castle. The highlight for many of us was climbing up the winding staircases into the towers and enjoying more great views of Toronto.

After our visit to Casa Loma we had lunch in some green space nearby. All of the Academy students laid out the extra lunches they had made so that our guests could choose a meal they liked. We then ate in the beautiful sunshine and many students found ways to climb up trees and walls and monkey around.

When lunch was finished, we took the subway to High Park to show our guests the nature found right in our city. We had a nice walk through the park, stopping to rest by the cherry blossoms and view the animals in the zoo. We were happy to see the capybaras, Bonnie and Clyde, and their babies running around in their enclosure.

From High Park, we made our way back downtown and after we rested up and did a bit of shopping near the YMCA Academy, then we headed towards Fran’s Restaurant as our hunger grew anticipating the meal that awaited us. When we arrived at the diner, our excitement grew. As we chatted amongst ourselves our orders arrived. We had burgers and fries, fish and chips or chicken parmesan with spaghetti. The decor in Fran’s restaurant had the look and feel of the 1970s. The diner had seafoam coloured walls and seats along with booths and tables that were located in the front of the diner. The floors were tiled diagonally; the desserts were on display while the staff were wearing black uniforms. Jonathan says “I rate this restaurant environment and my meal 10/10”.

After we had dinner with our twins at the Fran’s diner we walk to Yonge and Dundas to show our guests the Eaton Centre. They went around going to find things that they didn’t have on the island such as make-up stores, EB games and more. We spend a lot of time there (and money). Afterwards we all went our separate ways home.

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Youth Exchange Canada: Toronto – Day Two

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