YMCA Academy students examine a student-created booklet explaining the six YMCA Core ValuesWhat’s it like to be a student at The YMCA Academy?

Read the blog posts linked on the right to see some examples of student projects and experiences, or check out the slideshow below for a glimpse into student life at the school.

Cooked with a Red Seal chef

This semester I cooked with a Red Seal chef, designed a garden, and participated in an exchange — all of which was linked to my course work.

Grant (YMCA Academy alum)


Values Awards

At the end of every academic year, six Values Awards are granted to students who consistently demonstrate the Core Values of the YMCA of Greater Toronto:


The award for Caring recognizes the student who demonstrates a capacity for developing genuine relationships with others and who carefully weighs the needs of the individual and the community when making decisions.


The award for Health recognizes the student who has begun to incorporate into his/her young life a valuing of well-being, and who is developing attitudes and habits that promote healthy living.


The award for Honesty recognizes the student who demonstrates a willingness to receive and offer feedback about strengths and areas for improvement and who always maintains the highest degree of integrity in his/her relationships with others.


The award for Inclusiveness recognizes the student who ensures that all students, staff, friends and visitors at the Academy are made to feel welcomed and valued for their gifts, talents and contributions to the community.


The award for Respect recognizes the student who demonstrates an awareness of, and regard for, the rights and choices of others and the learning environment, and who, as a result of this awareness, is developing a greater sense of self and his/her place in the world.


The award for Responsibility recognizes the student who demonstrates an attitude of self-responsibility and self-advocacy in the discovery and development of his/her sense of identity and voice within the Academy and the community at large.

A Day in the Life

9:00am - Breakfast is served through the Breakfast Club
“I didn’t have time to eat this morning, so I really like to come here before class.”

9:30 am - First PeriodMessage from our Head of School
“This semester I’ve got Math first period. I like it at this time because my mind is still fresh.”

10:45am - Break
“I’m feeling stressed out this morning. I’m going to talk to our school counsellor during break.”

10:55am - Second Period
“I have History of Civilizations second period. We research a civilization from ancient history, and then use that information in a video game simulation. It’s my favourite class.”

12:10pm - Lunch
“First I’m going to get some take-out sushi. Then there’s a lunch and learn for the whole school. We are invited to watch Waterlife, a documentary about the Great Lakes.”

1:05pm - Third Period
“I’ve got Resource class third period. I use this time to do my Math work — it usually takes me a bit longer.”

2:20pm - Break

2:20pm - Fourth Period
“I’ve got co-op. I work at a bike shop in Kensington Market. I wish I could do all my credits there.”

3:45 pm - Dismissal from classes
“I’m thinking of going to Homework Club. I have a test on Tuesday to study for.”