The YMCA’s afterschool Cooking Club started off the new school year by making a delicious (and healthier version) of a 7-layer dip. Students worked together to prepare the ingredients for the 7 layers and assembled their own individual dip in a plastic cup. A great idea for parties and it avoids double dipping!

Students in the club meet once a week to work on their culinary skills, learn new recipes, and have fun with their peers. There is a focus on making healthy choices and students learn about the nutritional value of foods and are encouraged to try new things.

This year the club will be putting together a cookbook which will include recipes contributed by staff and students of the Academy, as well as recipes made by the club. The cookbook will be sold to fundraise for programs at the school including the Cooking Club. Stay tuned for more information about how you can support the YMCA Academy and take home your very own cookbook!

Cooking Club is at it again!

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