Three teams of YMCA Canada employees taking part in an Amazing Race–style tour of YMCA GTA programs and services stopped by the school yesterday afternoon. Upon arrival, they were introduced to the Academy by students in our Grade 10 English class, and challenged by the Grade 9 Geography class to answer quizzes about the topography and climate of regions across Canada.

Race participants and their student challengers rose to the occasion — once each team passed the test, they were presented with an envelope with instructions for how to find the next location in their quest. For the students, it was an authentic (and, well, fun) way to demonstrate the learning they’ve done this semester. There were even a few students who said they wished it had lasted longer!

June 12th, 2014 – Challenge… Accepted!

One thought on “June 12th, 2014 – Challenge… Accepted!

  • Thanks to the students of the YMCA Academy for being great hosts and challenging us with tough questions!

    Scott Haldane
    President & CEO
    YMCA Canada

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