The Grade 12 Communications Technology class at the YMCA Academy was responsible for creating several videos that showcase experiential learning.

As part of their culminating activity students organized, filmed, edited and produced 5-10 minute long videos documenting some of the workshops, field trips, and other examples of experiential learning that happens at The YMCA Academy.

The completed videos have been posted below, they include:

  • Crumple Zone Design Challenge: Students design, build and test car crumple zones.
  • Evergreen Downsview Stewardship: Supporting Evergreen Downsview Park through environmental initiatives.
  • History of Civilizations Class: History/Geography course which uses gamification to teach curriculum.
  • Shovel and Spoon Program: Life Skills and hands-on learning related to cooking, gardening, nutrition and wellness.


Crumple Zone Design Challenge

Downsview Park Environmental Stewardship

History of Civilizations Class

Shovel and Spoon Program One

Shovel and Spoon Program Two

Shovel and Spoon Program Three

Experiential Learning at the YMCA Academy

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