Another great day with the Healthy Choices Program!  On Monday, March 28, we went to Brickworks for one of the kitchen sessions.  Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, watch out…here comes the YMCA Academy!  In this session, students learned about reading labels and how to compare products to make the best choice.  We learned that if we can’t pronounce or don’t recognize an ingredient, then it’s not healthy food.  We also learned about shopping the periphery of a grocery store and to stay away from the packaged food in the middle.  Students worked in three teams to prepare a feast of spicy salsa, guacamole and corn chips, yummy home-made mac and cheese, and delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, all made with fresh healthy ingredients.  Afterwards, we enjoyed the fruits of our labour and sat down for a family-style meal.  Well done, Academy chefs!

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Mar. 29th, 2011 – Kitchen Session at Brickworks