Cedar Glen 2015 That most wonderful time of year at the Academy has come and gone, but as usual, the memories created will remain for entire lifetimes. We are of course referring to our annual visit to YMCA’s Cedar Glen Outdoor Center. This year’s trip was even more memorable than past years because we were afforded the privilege of going for two nights instead of the usual one night. And with double the nights, comes double the fun.

Day 1

Our extra day at Cedar Glen came about as a result of our partnership with Evergreen Downsview coming to an end as an unfortunate consequence of cuts in their funding. In order to continue our school’s environmental stewardship, we reached out to Cedar Glen and were able set up an entire day’s worth of environmental stewardship working at their on-site farm. Our students spent the day harvesting Kale and small melons, mulching small trees, and removing thistle weeds. After dinner, we were treated to an hour of cooperative team building initiative games and ended the day with a camp-fire where we had the opportunity to eat delicious S’mores.

Day 2 and 3

With the hard work and environmental stewardship under our belts, day 2 was all about fun, games, and activities. Students were split into four groups and went about the property participating in various challenges and activities such as high ropes, low ropes, wall climbing, and maze games. After dinner, students got to partake in various field games, went on a night hike, and once again were treated to a camp fire with treats.

On the morning of our last day we channelled our inner Robin Hoods (or Legolas’ for te Lord of the Rings fans out there) and participated in archery as well as atlatl launching. After throwing the atlatls for distance and aiming the arrows for accuracy, students played an animal survival game, ate lunch and headed back home with another year of fun and memories behind us. We are all hoping for a two day visit again next year.

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Annual Cedar Glen Trip

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