We went to WE Day and

  • WE danced
  • WE sang
  • WE sat
  • WE cheered
  • WE lost our voices
  • WE heard about some sad stories
  • WE lunched
  • WE saw a lot of celebrities
  • WE saw Carly Rae Jepsen and Hozier
  • WE screamed for Demi Levato
  • WE became “Imagineers”
  • WE had fun
  • WE lost our hearing
  • WE used our phones as flashlights
  • WE took pictures and videos
  • WE were in a huge crowd
  • WE ate Ben’s Cheetos
  • WE learned many new things
  • WE were educated
  • WE saw inspiring people like Spencer West
  • WE thought about going from ME to WE
  • WE got gift bags
  • WE got sunglasses
  • WE got “We books”
  • WE had the so much fun with Peggy, Rein, and Siobhan
  • WE had the time of our life!

By Siobhan’s Ontario Literacy Skills class

We Went to WE Day

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