On Friday December 12th, The YMCA Academy embarked on their fifth annual skating trip. The inaugural trip was the brain child of an alumni of the Academy and has since become an exciting tradition we look forward to each year. A few slips and falls were not enough to discourage fun, excitement and Timmy’s hot chocolate.  We love this trip as a time to hang out with friends, get a breath of “fresh” air in downtown Toronto and enjoy some physical winter fitness.

“One fun thing that happened is that I got to race my new friends on the ice,” said Zach, a Grade 9 student at the Academy.

One student even learned how to skate for the first time. He started by sitting down, then he put his feet on the ice. Then, two nice kids brought him a thing to push to help him skate and stand up on the ice. After, he stopped using that thing and started skating on his own, but he always had someone on his side.

“You don’t have to be good at skating to go on a skating trip,” said Adam, who is also a Grade 9 student at the Academy. “It only matters if you have fun.”

By Zach DS and Adam V.

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5th annual Skating Trip at Nathan Phillips Square

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