As part of The YMCA Academy’s continued commitment to experiential learning, the Grade 12 Communications Technology class (TGJ4O) is participating in the “Shovel & Spoon” program available to us through one of our community partners, The Stop Community Food Centre. The program consists of a series of field trips to the beautiful Whychwood Barn. During the duration of the program at Whychwood Barns the students are fulfilling course curriculum expectations for their classes.

We are very fortunate to be participating in this unique program again. It offers opportunities beyond those that we can offer on our premises and includes valuable lessons about healthy living and healthy choices, which we feel are important for all students to learn.

The “Shovel & Spoon” program includes, but is not limited to, some of the following activities:

  • Cooking in the community kitchen (i.e. canning and preserving, cooking on a budget, knife skills, low-sugar baking, cooking for one, and cooking for various health conditions)
  • Planting in the greenhouse (i.e. food growing, sprouting, plant propagation, container gardening, seed starting)
  • Hands-on learning about nutrition and wellness
  • Shared reflection and journal writing

The Communications Technology class be responsible for creating a ‘mini-documentary’ for each Shovel & Spoon Session, which will eventually be turned into a full DVD video production, assembling all student works, and outlining the entire Shovel & Spoon Program as part of the culminating assignment.

Our first session on March 26th, gave an introduction to the Shovel and Spoon program, a tour of the green house and community kitchen, and an introduction to proper knife skills. To wrap-up the session students got the chance to assemble their own delicious Tostadas as a pre-lunch treat!


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Mar 27th, 2014 – Shovel & Spoon Program P1.