On Friday May 20, The YMCA Academy celebrated its third anniversary of stewardship with Evergreen’s Downsview Park!  Staff and students alike enjoyed our first warm sunny day in weeks as we worked together to weed, plant trees and mulch our hearts out.  We were able to entirely weed a native plant nursery (the one that we helped prep last fall), and to plant 60 trees.  As a further sign of our good fortune, an ice cream truck appeared like a mirage at lunch time, ensuring that everyone enjoyed a well deserved treat break after enjoying delicious Breakfast Club sponsored sandwiches.  What began three years ago with two classes has now evolved into a whole school fall and spring outdoor ritual of environmental stewardship. We now converge upon Downsview en masse twice year as part of our YMCA Academy commitment to service learning, community partnership, authentic learning and environmental leadership.  As always, well done last Friday on everyone’s part – you did us proud once again!

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May 24th, 2011 – Evergreen Stewardship Pictures