Congratulations on your first presentation, Transition Team!

As part of our strategy to become further involved with the outside community and to better inform the public about our school, a group of very eager students have joined together to form the “Transition Team.”  The aim is for them to visit Grade 8 schools to talk to junior students about high school, about the transition process, and to introduce them to the YMCA Academy.  In order to collect information about what this process was like for our students, we did a short survey a few weeks ago, and the information was compiled by the BTT class and transformed into an educational Powerpoint that was used during the presentation.   Members of the team were very dedicated, practicing at lunch time and after school.

We had our first presentation last Thursday (May 5) where the students did an outstanding job of presenting to students at Dunblaine School.  Not only does this project benefit the Grade 8’s that we visit, to help calm their worries about their upcoming transition, but Academy students benefit through this service learning project by earning volunteer hours. Our Academy students represented our school well, as they shared their experiences about their Grade 9 year, and mentored the younger students on strategies to help them through the process.

If you would like more information about our Transition Presentation or would like to recommend a school that would benefit from our youth mentor “Transition Team”, please call the school at 416-928-0124 for more information.

May 10th, 2011 – Student Transition Presentations