In celebration of Earth Day on April 21, students from the Academy took to the local parkettes, looking like enviro super heros, with their arms full of garbage bags, and donning protective gloves in an effort to thwart litter.  We worked our way down through the park system as we cleaned our way to Metro Central HFR on Grosvenor St. to clean the park at our future school site.  It was a chance to think about the importance of taking responsibility for our neighborhood, and to reinforce our role as stewards in doing our part for our local ecosystem.  We ended our clean up with a tour of our future school, as we tried to imagine what our new school will look like (it is still office area, and has yet to be renovated).  Well done Academy students, and Happy Earth Day!

Check out the great panorama shot! Using Photosynth and iPhone

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Apr. 26th, 2011 – Earth Day Cleanup Photos