This week at Brickworks, we learned that people can get around without relying on a GPS (no, seriously!) as we gained outdoor orienteering experience!  We learned about mapping skills and how to use a map and compass, as we roamed and explored all of the trails and habitats around the Brickworks valley ecosystem.  It was a lovely day to walk around and explore the area, as we marked native trees, waterways, animals and plants on our maps. We discovered that spring has truly sprung, as we spotted the first wild tulips of the season.

(Note: The following part works best when read with David Attenborough’s accent.)  We also spotted a rare variety of the “scampering teenager” as we traversed the slopes of the old Brickworks pit in search of the ultimate feast of “trail mix”. The young males of the species often go head to head in an effort to secure the energy necessary to make the long trek home.  Alas, today was a peaceful struggle, and the pride of students returned safely to their migrational pattern.

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Apr. 12th, 2011 – Outdoor Orienteering Pictures