Academy teacher Melissa O’Leary has written a short article on “Green” initiatives being taken at the Academy. You can find the article below, or read it on the YMCA of Greater Toronto’s website here.

By Melissa O’Leary, Teacher

At the YMCA Academy, we strive to create an authentic learning environment where our students are challenged to think for themselves and problem solve. We leave the classroom as much as possible — to get students to think outside the box, it helps to literally take them out of it!

Environmental stewardship

The YMCA Academy has developed significant volunteer partnerships within the community, many with an environmental focus. In our closest partnership, we are one of Evergreen’s core stewardship schools. We visit Downsview Park twice a year to plant trees and engage in other essential environmental activities, such as building a native species nursery.

Last year, Academy students visited the Brick Works daily for three weeks to construct a barefoot path for the Children’s Garden. This year students visit Brick Works every other Monday as part of the Healthy Choices Program. They learn more about the environment, doing their part, and eating local and healthy food.

Earth Day cleanup

Students will lead a cleanup of the local park system on April 21 at 1 p.m. We’ll be working our way down through the parks from Charles Street to the Metro-Central YMCA to help reinforce the idea of taking responsibility for our neighborhood. Think globally and act locally!

Apr. 11th, 2011 – Going Green at the Academy Pt1