On Monday February 7th, the first group of students and teachers attended the Healthy Choices program at Evergreen’s Brickworks. We had an introduction to the program and to our facilitator, Aimee, and were introduced to the concept of Food Literacy and Healthy Active Living. Aimee taught us about food safety and oriented us to the kitchen. Afterwards, with some students practicing knife skills, and others doing measuring and mixing, we prepared healthy granola bars. The bars cooked as we took a tour of the historic Brickworks site, seeing where the bricks were made and the current Brickworks facility, including the outdoor ice rink. After our tour outside, we went back in to enjoy warm and gooey granola bars – delicious! The second group of students will go for their orientation next week. Everyone had fun, and we all look forward to continuing this amazing cross curricular project this term, and all of the students gave the afternoon a resounding “thumbs up” on the shuttle bus afterwards.

YMCA Academy students preparing healthy granola bars.
YMCA Academy students at Evergreen's Brickworks
YMCA Academy students touring the historic Brickworks site.
YMCA Academy group participating in the Healthy Choices program.

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Feb. 10th, 2011 – Brickworks Healthy Choices Pics