Canadian Civil Liberties Association get’s the Academy thinking about RIGHTS!

Every month the entire school meets for “ a VOICES exchange”. This is an hour where we can share our ideas about school life at The Academy. Discussions are often stimulated by a staff presentation, a guest speaker, a performance or some other activity. The hope is to create a venue for The Academy community to share their thoughts in an open forum. This month The Academy invited a guest speaker from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to speak.  She introduced their “Not’s Not Fair to Me” program, which introduces students to the concept of  “rights”.  She used the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a launching point for discussion, using current legal case studies to make the abstract concepts relevant for students. The presentation was very engaging with one student sharing: “this was our best VOICES assembly so far”. CCLT will be visiting again next week to follow up on issues raised and lead our TAPS session where students break off into small groups and discuss/share ideas in small healing circles.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association Website

Jan. 7th, 2011 – Academy thinking about RIGHTS!