No.9 Mini House Building

Staff and students were treated to an inspiring workshop delivered by the No.9 Poetics in Architecture crew right at our school!  We were all architects for an afternoon playing with shape and perspective in the creation of mini 6-sided structures.  We even included decorative paper that looked like solar panels, gardens and a modern lime-coloured accent wall.  When shining lights on our structures, or placing them on mirrors, we noticed the infinite possibilities that exist “outside the box” from traditional models of buildings or houses.

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Experiential Learning at the YMCA Academy

The Grade 12 Communications Technology class at the YMCA Academy was responsible for creating several videos that showcase experiential learning.

As part of their culminating activity students organized, filmed, edited and produced 5-10 minute long videos documenting some of the workshops, field trips, and other examples of experiential learning that happens at The YMCA Academy.

The completed videos have been posted below, they include:

  • Crumple Zone Design Challenge: Students design, build and test car crumple zones.
  • Evergreen Downsview Stewardship: Supporting Evergreen Downsview Park through environmental initiatives.
  • History of Civilizations Class: History/Geography course which uses gamification to teach curriculum.
  • Shovel and Spoon Program: Life Skills and hands-on learning related to cooking, gardening, nutrition and wellness.


Crumple Zone Design Challenge

Downsview Park Environmental Stewardship

History of Civilizations Class

Shovel and Spoon Program One

Shovel and Spoon Program Two

Shovel and Spoon Program Three

May 16th, 2014 – Evergreen Downsview Park

On May 16, the Academy set out for its second and final outing for this school year’s Evergreen environmental stewardship. Despite the forecast calling for rain, students and teachers both braved the potential downpour to embark on our bi-annual trek to Downsview Park in order to do our part in helping green an urban area. On our second visit of the year, students aided in digging out white pine and re-planting them in their new and final locations, where they will hopefully grow into large and healthy trees. We are always curious as to what we will do upon our next visit. Stay tuned to find out!

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May 6th, 2014 – Car Crash Design Challenge

On Tuesday, May 6th students of The YMCA Academy participated in a challenge that simulated a car crash safety system. After a brief presentation to describe the concepts, teams of students were asked to design and build “crumple zones” using a variety of simple materials such as straws, elastics and paper. These were tested using a miniature car running on a track into a wall to simulate a frontal collision. An accelerometer was used to measure how quickly the car came to a stop in order to assess how effective the crumple zones would be at protecting the car’s passengers.

Congratulations to Marco, Tegan, Emma and Mikaela who were our top team. They were able to reduce the rate of deceleration from 40g to 2.25g. (One “g” is the equivalent to the acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.81 meters per second squared.)


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