You have $1000 left to your name. Can you make it last for thirty one days? That is what students attempted to do before they delved into learning about various money management skills in their second class on managing money. At the start of the class, students played an online simulation game called SPENT. The game starts off by giving students three choices of jobs and then proceeds to throw one life scenario after another at them with various choices for each. Each choice has an outcome, and the goal is to make the $1000 you have left in your bank account last until the end of the month. The simulation evokes many different emotions as you play, and gives you a sense of what it’s like trying to survive with little money.

After students completed the simulation, they reflected on their experience and what they learned from it. Afterwards, they delved into various money management techniques, learned about the importance of having savings, and the advantages and disadvantages of buying things on credit. Think you have what it takes to make $1000 stretch for an entire month? Try your luck by visiting to give it a shot. Good luck!

A Grand Ol’ Time

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