The school is abuzz with this year’s MEGA Megathon challenge…

It’s just 2 days until the Academy Rowing Crew’s 24-hour row!

We’ll be rowing from 5pm on Friday, March 2nd through to 5pm on Saturday, March 3rd. We currently have 32 students, staff, alumni, families, volunteers and friends signed up to participate with our team!

The Megathon is the kickoff event for our school’s annual initiative to promote the connection between mental wellness and physical activity. The focus is to raise our students’ awareness about the role physical activity plays in mental health. Being active reduces the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression — issues that impact many young people.

Last year, we raised over $1300 and our goal is to surpass that number this year.

All fundraising from this event goes towards making YMCA programs financially accessible to everyone. Students at the Academy benefit directly from these funds.

Check out our Megathon page – Donations can be made here!

If you wish to row and haven’t signed up already, there’s still time to join our crew – email Colleen at

Megathon: Academy Rowing Crew’s 24-hour row!

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