The YMCA Academy’s Adventures in World History course experienced the discipline needed to work as a single unit in the Roman Infantry. With shields at the ready the would-be Legionnaires cooperated to overcome uneven terrain and push back the opposing force.

By taking the Historical Perspective of Roman Soldiers and British Iceni Warriors the students determined that in the conflict of Boudicca’s Rebellion, the Iceni tribe had the offensive advantages of manoeuvrability over many terrain types, and could employ guerrilla tactics. The Romans, on the other hand, had the defensive advantages of a solid shield wall, and immovable block formations, making them a difficult enemy to overcome.

Just as the teacher couldn’t hold back the students in formation during the pushing match, the Iceni couldn’t hold back the inexhaustible numbers, and relentless discipline of the Roman Empire. Even though she was able to win many battles, Boudicca’s Rebellion did not end the Roman occupation of Britain.

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Grade 12 History students push back against their teacher to simulate Boudicca’s Rebellion

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