5 students from the YMCA Academy had the pleasure to attend LDAO’s 7th Annual learning & Leadership Corroborate Breakfast at the Sheraton Centre Hotel on the morning of March 5th. We were treated to a gourmet breakfast, and Jonathan Mooney’s inspiring story about his experiences navigating school systems throughout his youth. Thank you LDAO once again for the opportunity to participate! We had a blast!

A litte more about the LDAO’s learning & Leadership Corroborate Breakfast:

“This year’s event promises to be at once entertaining and educational. Welcome to a new world, where the good kid doesn’t sit still. A world where some of the smartest kids in the class don’t read well or don’t read at all. A world where the popular kids don’t make eye contact, don’t shake hands, and definitely don’t back slap. Renowned writer, neuro-diversity activist and author Jonathan Mooney vividly, humorously and passionately brings to life this wonderful world of neuro-diversity: the research behind it, the people who live in it, and the lessons it has for all of us who care about the future of education. You will leave this talk fundamentally changed and empowered.”


Mar 5th, 2014 – LDAO Breakfast at the Sheraton