This past Friday, YMCA Academy students transformed into construction workers, outdoor adventurers, cartoon characters, historical warriors, baseball superstars, cool crooners, and animals of every shape and size. Yes, on Friday we wore many hats — literally, I mean, since we were celebrating “Wear Fun(ny) Hats or Headgear Day,” our first Spirit Day of the school year.

The event was a big success: students turned up in all kinds of cranial adornments, and we had a student-run hat-making station in the reception area for anyone in need of some last-minute headgear. Best of all, it was a chance for our new students to engage further in our school community. And there’s more where that came from; the day before Hat Day (Hat Eve, if you will), we brainstormed during TAPS — our monthly small-group sessions that run as part of the Academy’s dedication to Mindfulness practices — and came up with a plethora of fantastic ideas for spirit days to come. Stay tuned!

— Todd Harrison

Sep. 13th, 2013 – The Academy’s first Spirit Day!