When it comes to the world of education, the news industry is reactive. Few daily realities of the world of schools, teaching, and the reality of what it is to be a student are covered in the media. Sometimes a story emerges, becomes quickly popular, then disappears.

When we read about the realities of being a student with a learning disability it grabs our attention because of the added obstacle. The reader appreciates that being a student is difficult enough as it is. When we add hurdles such as being a student with an undiagnosed learning disability in a large public school classroom, it captures our attention — but only for a moment.

We move off stories in education too quickly. The news media are not bad at problem identification (the publishing of a piece that raises an issue worth reading about) but are terrible at follow-up. Look back at the collection of posts on our blog that reference issues covered in the newspaper or on television. None were solved, few remain the topic of any ongoing conversation.

Yet it’s precisely that ongoing conversation in education that gives an issue currency. Parents, teachers, administrators and students have this dialogue. The conversations are long, challenging in nature, and absolutely imperative for forward movement.

You have a standing invitation to visit our school. We want to hear your story, your family’s challenges. We want to help where we can and give you news ideas and perspectives where we can’t. We want you to be a part of our community.

Don Adams, Head of School

Feb 25th, 2013 – What’s News?