Dear Parents / Guardians,

Just a reminder that the Pine Crest trip is tomorrow (Thursday – October 18th)!!  The bus will be leaving the Academy at 9:30am and so we are asking students to be at the school by 9am tomorrow morning.

Attached is another copy of the packing list for your reference.  Depending on traffic, we should be back at the Academy at around 2:30pm on Friday (October 19th).

Should you have any questions about trip tomorrow, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Academy.

YMCA Cedar Glen Packing List

This list is a general guideline of what a participant would need or use while at Cedar Glen. Each group will take part in different activities and weather conditions. Depending on the length of your visit, the programs you will be taking part in and the weather forecast you may choose to bring more or less of these items.

What to bring to camp:
• Bedding (Sleeping bag, Pillow and additional blankets if a colder time of year)
• Footwear (Running shoes or Hiking Boots (with closed toes) and Sandals with back straps are acceptable. We consider flip-flops to be a safety risk due to our natural setting)
• Clothing (Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, Shorts (amount depending on length of your stay)
• Warm Clothing (Jacket, Long pants (sweats instead of jeans), Long sleeve t-shirts, Sweater)
• Sun Protection (Hat, Sunscreen)
• Rain Wear (Rain Coat, Rain Pants, extra shoes or boots)
• Night Time (Pajamas, Toothbrush, Toothpaste)
• Extras (Insect Repellent, *Flash Light with extra batteries*, *Water Bottle*, Alarm Clock/Watch, Lip Balm, Brush/Comb, Camera)

Please do not bring the following:
• Pocket knives
• Matches
• Cellular telephones
• Pagers
• Electronic toys or devices
• Walkmans, iPods, Discmans or MP3 players
• Radios, stereos, etc
• *Any product with nuts in it*
• Candy, gum, soft drinks, junk food
• Hair dryers
• Non-prescription drugs or alcohol
• Any valuables

Oct 17th, 2012 – Cedar Glen Details (Packing List)