Statefarm grants Evergreen & the YMCA Academy a cheque for $39,090

Evergreen and The YMCA Academy are recent recipients of a state farm grant to fund the creation and implementation of the Eco-Ambassador program. Between September 2011 and June 2012, the YMCA Eco-Ambassadors project will engage our entire student body in a series of hands-on environmental education workshops and greening activities.  Each of the youth participants will engage in service learning in 3 subject areas:

  • Active transportation
  • Food systems
  • Urban ecology

Youth will collaborate with teachers and Evergreen staff to identify goals and activities for each module that match Ontario curriculum requirements with hands-on environmental opportunities.  Building on the momentum of 3 years of successful collaboration, the YMCA Eco-Ambassador program will generate teachable moments within YMCA Academy classrooms, and equip youth with the knowledge and skills to become ambassadors for sustainable living in their families and communities.

Between our hike through the Brickworks quarry and a workshop on bike tire repair, Statefarm representatives took a moment to give Academy the GIANT cheque.

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Nov. 8th, 2011 – Statefarm Cheque Granting Pics