Yesterday at our monthly VOICES assembly the Academy staff and students gathered to share ideas about summer plans and opportunities. Here are the highlights:

1) Get started on your 40 hours of community service…

Bonita shared the info now available on our website.
Visit the “LEARN” tab under “community service” and all necessary information and forms can be uploaded.
Or just Click Here

2) Think about a summer 2012 Eco-internships through the YMCA of Greater Toronto

Keep your eye on application deadlines for next year!
For more info visit The Academy website under the “LEARN” tab there is a summer jobs page.
Or just Click Here

3) Are you a Grad? Thinking about an internship before college?

Think about FYPSIP; the YMCA’s paid internship within the federal sector (government offices).
Deadlines are firm and posted on the FYPSIP Website

4) Are you presently in grade 10? Think you want to attend college?  Think about Scholarships!

The CIBC scholarship has been awarded to one of our own Academy students. Deadlines are in February.
For more information speak to Alexi
Or visit the CIBC Scholarship Website

5) Looking for summer or post grad adventure. Check out : Katimavik

This volunteer organization connects Canadians to long term volunteer positions within our wonderful nation.
Katimavik Website

6) Thinking about a gap year after The Academy and before college or the workplace.

Look at opportunities with:
Canada World Youth
Youth Challenge International

7) Summer employment

Need resume assistance? Speak to Malcolm anytime. Sooner is always better than Later…..
Looking for a summer job – use the Academy’s job crawler Here.

Mar. 4th, 2011 – Summer plans getting started!