On Friday February 25th the YMCA Academy embarked on their second annual skating trip.  The inaugural trip was the brain child of an alumni of the Academy and took place at Nathan Phillips Square.  This year, in light of a new addition of an outdoor rink, the trip took place at Evergreen Brickworks.  With the up and down nature of the weather leading up to the trip, there was a potential that the trip would be hindered by warm weather.  In the end, thankfully, mother nature presented us the best of both worlds.  On the day of the trip the weather was cold enough to keep the outdoor skating rink open while at the same time sunny and warm enough to allow several of the students to skate without a jacket.

The rink, like nature, was organic in its shape, design and flow which allowed for a different skating experience, unique from the more common skating in a circle we are use to at a traditional rink.  Students and teachers alike skated their hearts out.  Those with greater skill helped along those with less skill which led to a great and positive atmosphere.  Some students wowed everyone with their speed and skills on the ice while other super trooper students where on the ice the entire trip.  Overall the experience was everything we could have hoped for and was a true reflection of what the Healthy Choices Program the Academy at Evergreen Brickworks is all about.

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Feb. 28th, 2011 – Pictures from Skating Field Trip