Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the Good News Newsletter.   This school paper came to fruition last year as a result of a purposeful desire to spread good news.  As we looked at the news around us, it didn’t necessarily jive with our world-view at the Academy. The students in the Art of Living class decided that they wanted to do something special to celebrate the YMCA’s International Peace Week, and the newspaper was born.  As a school, we produced two issues last year, and as a result of their success, we have christened the Good News Newsletter our school paper.

As we once again approach Peace Week, we’d like to say happy birthday to the Good News Newsletter, and to acknowledge everyone who works to ensure its’ success.  Thanks to the students and teachers for contributing articles, and for making sure that a wide range of issues, events and trips are covered.  Thank you to IT Guy for the layout, for those with an eye to deadlines, and for the support of everyone who distributes and reads the newsletter.  This publication would not be possible without the time, commitment and caring of many people.  This edition is also generously supported by CIDA, through the YMCA’s International Programs – this will allow us to print some shiny colour distribution copies.

As we launch this edition to coincide with Peace Week, it’s a pleasure to look back on our year so far, to remember the fun times we’ve had – and to look forward to those to come.  Happy peace week to all, on behalf of the students and staff of the YMCA Academy!

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Nov. 19th, 2010 – Good News Newsletter Vol. 2