YMCA Academy students recently attended We Day in Toronto.  It left them feeling inspired and energized to make positive changes.  As part of Free the Children’s Halloween for Hunger Campaign, Academy students did a food drive this week at 42 Charles Street East.  On Friday October 29th, we delivered the food down to Union Station, where magician Scott Hammell will be spending five days and nights in a plexi-glass box to raise awareness about food security issues.   The hope is that the students will collect enough goods to make Scott “disappear,” and to show that ending hunger is not magic, but that we all have a contribution to make.  The canned goods will be donated by Free the Children to the Daily Bread Food Bank.  Thanks to everyone who supported us in this collection!

Food collected by Academy students for Halloween for Hunger Campaign
Delivering the food at Union Station
Student's gathering around Scott Hammell's plexi-glass box
YMCA Academy students with Scott Hammell donating food
The plexi-glass box where Scott Hammell will stay for 5 days and 5 nights
Oct. 29th, 2010 – Halloween for Hunger Campaign