With last week being the first full week back at school, we wanted to continue the momentum and have some more fun! We had many participants throughout the week with students dressing up, attending staff-led events, and representing their teams!

Tuesday was the start of spirit week with “Sports Day”! Our community represented their favourite sports teams including the Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs, Canucks, as well as some international teams such as the Leeds Rhinos and Estonia’s National Hockey Team! Most of us wore jerseys or t-shirts to represent our favourite sports teams, but we were outshone by Brandon, who wore a full beach sport outfit, earning a bonus point for his Maroon team!

The fun resumed on Thursday with “Dress as your favourite musician/band” day! We were visited by Elvis Presley, Ari Lennox, Taylor Swift, Nickelback, and Morgan Wallen among others. Some wore t-shirts representing their favourite bands, while others went head-to-toe with their costumes! Katie Freeland earned her Navy team a bonus point for her excellent Patti Smith look-alike outfit and pose. Check out the side-by-side image! Students were also invited to partake in a fun friendship building activity at lunch time. Lareesa and Brittany, our Student Life Counsellors did an excellent job of bringing people together and some of our new students found new friends through the process.

Finally, Friday was “Rep your colour” day, where our competitive sides really started to shine. The battle of Maroon vs Navy continued but both teams had a great amount of support. It was a sea of navy and maroon all throughout the building! A bonus point was offered for the most maroon or navy items worn by one person. We had tied second place runners-up with 8 clothing items each, but Navy took the bonus point! Katie F walked away with the bonus point with a whopping TEN items … she even wore navy tinted glasses for the day! The day continued with Trivia offered at lunch where once again, Navy took the win! We all learned fun facts like the fastest moving object in sport is a badminton birdie, and the third Hemsworth brother is called Luke!

It was a fantastic spirit week with a lot of fun participation. We can’t wait to see the momentum continue!

Spirit Week