Thunder Clouds gather over the fantasy city of Eastmoore, where Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Bugbears, and Orcs coexist. After discovering that a flock of sheep has been stolen, a small group of adventurers find that their small time investigation is connected to events greater than they ever imagined. They ride off into an adventure of magic, trickery, tragedy, and heroism in a mysterious cloud city. Only by working together can they overcome the challenges ahead.

Play By Post Role Play is a shared story telling experience. It combines the adventure and cooperation of Dungeons and Dragons with the expression of Creative Writing. Students in the club are in charge of writing from the perspective of a character that they have created. Several times a week a new story post is created, which puts a challenge, puzzle, mystery, or adversary in conflict with the players. Players then consider how their character would respond to the situation and write a paragraph from the perspective of their character. Players can write back and forth, adding new narrative to their character’s actions in response to one another. With cooperation, and creativity they overcome the challenges.

Play By Post Role Play

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