The last week before the winter break brings a medley of activity, with some students scrambling to finish work, others painfully distracted by the very thought of the upcoming holiday. And while some students are more than eager for the extra rest and relaxation that comes with a two-week vacation from school, others might be apprehensive about not seeing their classmates or being at school for more than two weeks. Nonetheless, an Academy tradition brings everyone together on the last day of school in December: the annual talent show.

This year, about 10 “acts” had signed up to perform for their peers and teachers, with a few more joining in once we had opened up the floor to anyone interested. This last aspect of our talent show is in keeping with the spirit of inclusiveness that is so important to the school; there are always students who may not feel comfortable signing up in advance, or may not want the weight of the commitment leading up to the event. And there are always those who feel inspired at the last minute, emboldened by seeing their peers take to the makeshift stage.

One more aspect of the show is that students are asked to sign up in small groups or pairs, in the hopes of eliciting broader participation and encouraging collaboration. Some of the highlights of that afternoon included original songs, a Christmas tune or two, a steel pan performance, a Harry Potter recitation from memory, dance performances, and more than one comedy act. We were also lucky to have some incredible student MC’s, who even dressed up for the occasion!

We hope that next year, even more students will participate, and show the school community their unique talents and interests.

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YMCA Academy Talent Show 2017

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