Torrential storms and heat waves — Toronto’s summer of 2013 has been anything but calm!  Around The Academy, there’s a quiet intensity as we tour new and prospective families through the school and the Central YMCA, and as we dust up the school for the new year.

This is a time of renewal for teachers and staff, as they sharpen their skills through additional qualifications courses, as they plan their new courses for the year, and, most important, as they take well-earned time off to be with friends and family.

As I look back over the past academic year, I celebrate the amazing successes with our students.  But as I look back at my summer update from a year ago, I also realize that things in the world of Toronto education have not changed for the better.  This is what I wrote a year ago:

Ontario and Toronto have become very challenging places to actually have your child receive the learning disability services they are entitled to under the law. As you may remember from the recent People for Education report and the many media stories that followed, it can take, literally, years for children to receive the services they need if they attend a public school in Ontario.

As I meet with families this summer, it’s easy to determine that the same issues continue unabated.

If you want to see what education for students with LDs can look like, please come in for a visit.  I’m in for the summer, and would love to show you around the school.


Phone: 416-928-0124 ext 31401

Don Adams, Head of School

July 25th, 2013 – Summer Update