I’m writing this blog on the morning of May 15, looking forward to a day that should be filled with amazing experiential learning opportunities.  To begin with from 2:30 to 3:00pm The YMCA Academy welcomes Justin from Share the Road: Ride and Drive with Care.  The Ride and Drive with Care program is administered through Share the Road Cycling Coalition, with support from the CAA and funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. It is a program that targets both drivers and cyclists, and encourages them to use the road responsibly together.

Then, Markus Pukonen, of the Ocean Adventure Rowing and Education team who recently attempted a crossing of the Atlantic ocean using only human power, will speak to our school community about his expedition and the important oceanographic data and documentary footage he was collecting before the boat capsized on day 73 of the adventure.

Later, Dan Lambert, from Bikes on Wheels, will be demonstrating bike maintenance and showing Academy students how to tune-up their bikes in preparation for the summer.

Finally, this evening, we will be hosting Think2Learn, who are developing both a learning assessment tool, and computer based interventions that address the specific learning needs identified in the assessment.

That’s a busy school day — but it’s rather typical here at The Academy.  An important element of our program is our experiential learning opportunities.  It’s our response to a challenge from a great educational and entrepreneurial thinker — Aron Solomon — who asked, “If you want to teach your students to think outside of the box, why do you keep them cooped up in one?”  Our students are outside of the classroom “box” on a regular basis!

I should probably mention that on Friday the entire school population will be planting trees at Downsview with Evergreen!

Don Adams, Head of School

May 15th, 2013 – Outside the Box!