Toronto is fortunate to be home to MaRS Discovery District — MaRS is essentially a social innovation accelerator, providing expertise and access to funding to entrepreneurs.  One of their main areas of interest is education. I have always felt it to be important to keep The Academy up-to-date on the latest developments in the education sphere, so a relationship with MaRS was inevitable!

As a result of our working with them, MaRS has put us in touch with many innovators.  Our teachers and students have been able to provide some of them with valuable feedback about their ideas and products.  We benefit by having the chance to be early adopters of some really amazing ideas!

In that connection, I invite you to come to The Academy at 7:00 on Wednesday, May 15 to meet Think2Learn, an innovative company developing both a learning assessment tool, and computer based interventions that address the specific learning needs identified in the assessment.  Their value proposition: Think2Learn is brain training for kids that struggle in school based on the successful Lumosity business model. It differentiates itself by being a product for the child’s parents and uses a proprietary 360 degree neuroscience-based screening process that results in targeted interventions and brain training games that have been tagged to correlate with cognitive functions.

Please join us on the 15th.  Admission is free, and there will be coffee and goodies too.

Don Adams, Head of School

May 10th, 2013 – Invaders from MaRS