Amazingly, two weeks ago we turned the clocks forward an hour. What used to be an eternal Canadian winter, now seems to be little more than a seasonal blip.

But it remains winter in education for far too many. This isn’t a new theme on this blog, in Ontario education, or in the news. The sad reality is that one of the first things that gets cut in education budgets is special education.

Sometimes these cuts are insidious and under the radar. They take the form of failing to hire or retain staffing levels to meet increased demand. Then sometimes they’re just plain cuts, thick and jagged, right through the flesh of the system. When the damage is done, the system provides for no repair.

The demand for alternatives have never been greater. The demand for our school has never been more intense and I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that time quickly runs out.

If you have a child in high school who has a learning style difference or learning disability, and you feel that their needs aren’t being fully met in their current school, we’re here for you. Please email me at and come for a visit. Browse through the posts here on our website, watch the school video, talk to friends and neighbours. You’ll see why our school has few peers and how we’ve achieved a sense of community rarely found in a school.

Don’t go into another summer lacking options.

Don Adams, Head of School

Mar 25, 2013 – Spring Ahead