This holiday season has brought into focus how very lucky we are as a school community. Our home is in Toronto, an amazing and, by global standards, safe city.

It has been a trying semester for schools and teachers, here and away. Sometimes we lost track of that which is the most important – creating and nurturing safe communities for learning.

To wish for anything less than world peace on this holiday would be to dramatically under-wish. We wish that teachers and students everyone had the resources that our teachers and students do. We wish they could live and work every day in a place that nurtures them, and we wish perhaps most of all that next year is a year defined by stories of hope in education, not fear.

For ourselves, we wish we could help more students and families. We wish that everyone who needed to know about our school did. We wish that every student who needed help could get that help in a timely way. And we wish that the new year is one of positive change and forward motion.

We wish you everything good.

Don Adams, Head of School


Dec 20th, 2012 – Holiday Wishes