The phrase “a school’s assets” is one that we read more than ever these days, the idea being that every school has a set of physical and non-physical assets. It’s often used to describe the school’s buildings (the physical plant), computer hardware, and the like.

I guess I’m very old school – pun intended – here, as I believe that a school’s assets begin and end with its people. Teachers, parents, students, alumni(ae), donors, administrators.

I also believe that anywhere can be a school. I’ve seen some amazing learning and teaching literally in the wilderness. The assets of a great school are intellectual ones. Couple that with a willingness to be creative and to change and you have a magical proposition.

Think about the schools where you went and where you send your children. What would you describe at their greatest assets?

Don Adams, Head of School

Dec 10th, 2012 – What is an Asset?