Last week was the American Presidential election. While the evening itself produced a race that wasn’t very close when all was said and done, the notion of an election is an intriguing one. We “elect” many things in our lives. We choose acts and omissions.

Every family at our school has elected be a part of our community and to entrust us with the care and education of their child. On a smaller scale, that’s as daunting as a population electing someone to serve in an office, such as President. It’s a trust that we take very, very seriously.

When we elect to do something, we also elect not to do something else. When schools in Ontario elect not to give parents of students with suspected learning disabilities the timely testing and Individualized Education Plan that they are legally entitled to receive, they are electing not to serve the needs of Ontario families.

Throughout our history at The Academy, we have elected the opposite. We have always served our populations quickly, thoroughly, passionately. From where we sit, it’s the only thing we can elect to do, given that these are families and teenagers often in dire straits. To elect to do anything less would be to elect not to serve our school’s mission, and that’s an election day you will never see at The Academy.

Perhaps you should elect to give us a call and see the school. You’re always welcome.

Don Adams, Head of School

Nov 14th, 2012 – Election Day