I have one of the best views in Toronto.

My office is on the main floor of The Academy. It’s three floors up, has a big window, and looks north. So I look from Breadalbane towards Wellesley and points north. I can turn my head to the left and easily see Bay Street, to the right and easily see Yonge Street. Had I ever the opportunity to hit a golf ball from the roof of our building (assuming that the streets would be completely empty), I’m pretty sure I could at least get my drive to roll to College on the south and Wellesley on the North. I could easily clear Yonge without a bounce.

For a lot of families, location is everything. For a family working in Toronto’s downtown core, they can drop their son or daughter off at school. Don’t underemphasize the role of that commute in family life. We are an urban community school. We feel that we are a part of downtown Toronto. Surrounded by towers that drive Canadian and global commerce, we do something equally important – we prepare high school students with learning disabilities and learning style differences for a lifetime of success and happiness.

Take a look at the school video we made last year HERE. Do these seem like happy young adults to you?

Come by for a visit and let us show you how we make school a pleasure for our families.

Don Adams, Head of School

Sep 17th, 2012 – Location, Location, Location