I’ve always been a big sports fan. As a Torontonian, I’m a fan of the Blue Jays, Leafs – all the local teams, really. I was thinking, the other day, about what differentiates a good athlete from a great one. The conclusion I reached is that the best athletes have great hands.

I see this in two ways. First, literally: no matter the sport, the best athletes have the best hands. This is often discussed in sports analysis. Whether swinging a bat, shooting a puck, throwing a ball, it’s about hand quickness, strength and, of course, intangibles – things that a gifted athlete simply possesses.

There’s also the other meaning of having great hands. Having people in your life who give you a great hand when you need it. Amazing athletes have equally amazing mentors.

I’ve been thinking about all of these things because I’m preparing to greet our teachers in a few days after the summer break. Every one of the teachers at The Academy is that great hand in the life of a student with a learning style difference of learning disability. Every day I see the difference they make in our students lives and can’t imagine a finer group of teachers for our students.

And no matter how great our hands are, we keep working at what we do. We always strive to improve, and, like an athlete, put the gifts we have to their best use.

We can’t wait to have our students back and for the year to begin!

Don Adams, Head of School

Aug 31st, 2012 – Great Hands