To say that it has been a busy summer here at The Academy would be a huge understatement. While it’s hard to believe that it’s only July, the new school year is right around the corner (we all know that August’s Simcoe Day really brings home how close September is for all of us).

We have had more inquiries and family visits this summer than any other summer in the school’s history. From speaking to families, there are several reasons for this:

First, Ontario and Toronto have become very challenging places to actually have your child receive the learning disability services they are entitled to under the law. As you may remember from the recent People for Education report and the many media stories that followed, it can take, literally, years for children to receive the services they need if they attend a public school in Ontario.

The second reason more families have been inquiring this summer is that we have become better at communicating the stories of our own success as a school. Earlier this year, I summarized the history of that success here:

Finally, families understand that as The Academy is a part of the YMCA of Greater Toronto, even though we are a tuition-charging school, we never refuse a student for financial reasons. If a student is mission-appropriate for our school, we work with the family to offer the assistance necessary to make it happen. This has been and remains our pledge to you.

So, given that there’s still some summer left, please email me at and come to visit the school. I will always personally make the time to meet with every family interested in our school.

Don Adams, Head of School

Jul 25th, 2012 – Summmer Update from The YMCA Academy