Being a parent, there are some things you never forget. For example, we remember every success our child has in school, which is usually an easy thing to do because kids are the best communicators of their own efforts. When our children figure out how their efforts translate into success in and at school, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

But there are kids who rarely get to experience those victories in school, so they and their parents watch from the sideline. They feel less connected, more alienated with every missed opportunity.

There is no time during which this is more pronounced than at the end of an academic year. For some students the final report can be a litany of failure. It memorializes nine months of disconnections, of missed opportunities. The end result is lack of hope and nothing less than dread for the cycle to soon be repeated next school year.

This is time of year that our school inquiries begin to peak. It’s a testament to the strength of character of families who refuse to continue to be reactive in an education system that simply isn’t properly equipped serve their child.

The YMCA Academy has a proven history of success working with students with learning disabilities and learning style differences. New families see and describe a change in their child that is truly transformational. That’s what happens when you invert your child’s education experience, transplanting them from a system where they are an uncomfortable exception to one in which they are an equally important piece of a puzzle of school success.

You can do us a favor today as we all, quicker than we can possible imagine, move together towards the opening of the next school year. You can pass along our school’s website information at here and encourage your friends and family to watch our school video, located on our main page, and to, in turn, pass it on. Our school exists to help families turn around a child’s education history. So please help us, today, to do that with more families who find themselves in need of our school.

Jun 8th, 2012 – Educational Success – A Request