When I was in elementary school, I thought my teachers were amazing. Not only did they help me and all of my classmates every day, they did so selflessly. When I was able to catch a glimpse into their personal lives, they seemed to be exactly the same. I grew up seeing teachers as genuinely good people who put others before themselves. I appreciated my teachers every day.

I see teachers the same way today, which is probably a very good thing since I’m the Head of a school.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, which confuses me a bit, very much like this weekend’s Mother’s Day does. While some would argue that setting aside a week or a day for recognition is actually an honor to those being recognized, I think that genuine appreciation should be a continuous and daily thing.

In looking at social and other media this week, it seems as if people are saying the right things about Teacher Appreciation Week. But these are some of the same people who will then look at teachers through a darker lens next week, which is really a shame.

From me and all of our superb teachers here at The Academy, we wish all teachers not only a fantastic week this week but every week.

Don Adams – Head of School

May 9th, 2012 – Teacher Appreciation Week