Remember the theme song from Cheers, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got”?

Well, it strikes me that this thought is truer today than ever — especially so if you are a student with a learning difference and your individual gifts are not recognized by your school.

When you were in school, how often did you get a helping hand just when you needed it? If you did, I’m sure that experience is one that resonates for you still – most of us recall the caring support of an amazing teacher who somehow knew just what we needed exactly when we needed it.

We have worked very hard at The YMCA Academy to design a program and assemble an amazing faculty so that we can constantly give our students such support.

All our students share a common bond: school wasn’t working for them before. Now, it does.  Why? Each academic year, every YMCA Academy student receives approximately 1,200 hours of direct support from a caring and fully qualified staff and faculty!  We individualize our program for each student, to recognize their individual strengths, and to support their areas of need.  We teach our students to learn, to advocate for themselves, and to succeed in the world on their own.

That turnaround is remarkably powerful – it’s like nothing they’ve seen or experienced before!
Come and see for yourself – visits are always welcome!

Don Adams – Head of School

Apr. 2nd, 2012 – 1,200 Hours