This page is the “one-stop shop” for our current students and their parents/guardians, including timetables, calendars, links to online classroom portals, and more.

Important Dates 2017-2018

September 4, 2017Labour Day
September 5, 2017First Day of Classes (Half Day)
September 8, 2017Shortened Schedule – 1:35pm Dismissal
October 9, 2017Thanksgiving Holiday (School Closed)
October 18-20, 2017Cedar Glen Trip (overnight trip)
November 15 & 16, 2017Parent / Teacher Nights
November 17, 2017Professional Development Days (no school for students)
December 23, 2017 – January 7, 2018Winter Break (school closed)
January 8, 2018First day of classes in 2018
January 23, 2018Last day of classes for Semester 1
January 24, 25 & 26, 2018First Semester Examinations
January 29, 2018First Day of 2nd Semester (Half Day)
February 16, 2018Professional Development Days (no school for students)
February 19, 2018Family Day Holiday
March 10 – 25, 2018 (To be confirmed)Mid-Winter Break
March 30, 2018Good Friday Holiday
April 2, 2018Easter Monday Holiday
April 10, 2018OSSLT
April 18 & 19, 2018Parent / Teacher Nights
April 20, 2018Professional Development Days (no school for students)
May 21, 2018Victoria Day Holiday
June 1, 2018 (To be confirmed)Centre Island Trip
June 20, 2018Last day of classes for Semester 2
June 21, 22 & 25, 2018Second Semester Examinations
June 26, 2018Graduation (date to be confirmed)

Online Classroom Portals

Many courses at The YMCA Academy make use of online classroom portals to share daily work and resources and to provide an additional interaction and engagement opportunity for students.

Academy teachers make use of one of two different portals:


Edmodo presents course materials and discussions in a format similar to social networks like Facebook. Students can use Edmodo to turn in assignments, save digital files for later retrieval, ask their teacher a question, and much more. Parents and guardians are also able to log in and access Edmodo; click here for details.


Wikispaces is an easy-to-use website that provides teachers with a fully customizable classroom portal. Students create an account and then subscribe to specific classroom wikis, which function in a manner similar to a traditional website.

Daily Schedules

Regular ScheduleThursday ScheduleShortened Schedule
9:30-10:45 - Period 19:30-10:20 - Period 19:30-10:15 - Period 1
10:45-10:55 - Break10:20-10:25 - Break10:15-10:25 - Break
10:55-12:10 - Period 210:25-11:15 - Period 210:25-11:10 - Period 2
12:10-1:05 - Lunch11:15-12:10 - Assembly11:10-12:05 - Lunch
1:05-2:20 - Period 312:10-12:55 - Lunch12:05-12:50 - Period 3
2:20-2:30 - Break12:55-1:45 - Period 312:50-1:35 - Period 4
2:30-3:45 - Period 41:45-1:50 - Break
1:50-2:40 - Period 4

Course Timetables 2017-2018

SEMESTER 1 (September 2017 to January 2018)

Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
ENG1P - Gr. 9
English Applied
Katie F
MFM1P - Gr. 9
Applied Math
Katie C
PPL1O - Gr. 9
Healthy Active Living
GLS1O - Gr. 9
Learning Strategies: Skills for Success in Secondary School
ENG1L - Gr. 9
Locally Developed English
MAT1L - Gr. 9
Locally Developed Math
GLE1O - Gr. 10
Learning Strategies
PAF1O - Gr. 9
Healthy Living & Personal Fitness Activities
SNC2P - Gr. 10
Applied Science
ADA2O - Gr. 10
IDC3O - Gr. 11
History of Civilizations
CHC2P - Gr. 10
Canadian History Since World War One
CPC3O - Gr. 11
Politics in Action
NBE3C - Gr. 11
Contemporary Aboriginal Voices
Katie F
OLC4O - Gr. 12
Ontario Literacy Course
Katie F
TGJ2O - Gr. 10
Communications Technology
MBF3C - Gr. 11
Foundations for College Mathematics
Katie C
BDI3C - Gr. 11
HIP4O - Gr. 12
Personal Life Management
GLE3O - Gr. 11
Learning Strategies: Skills for Success after Secondary School
GWL3O - Gr. 11
Designing Your Future
MEL3E - Gr. 11
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life
SPH4C - Gr. 12
HZB3M - Gr. 11
Philosophy: The Big Questions
ASM3O - Gr. 11
Media Arts
Resource & Remediation
Resource & Remediation
Katie C

SEMESTER 2 (February 2018 to June 2018)
Currently not available.

Important Documents
  • Admissions Application
    A copy of this document must be completed by all prospective Academy students and their families.
  • Orientation Package
    Academy students and their families complete this package upon acceptance into the program.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
    This document describes a number of important policies and procedures at the school, including assignment deadlines, appropriate conduct, use of technology, and attendance procedures.
  • Media Release Form
    An valid copy of this form is kept on hand at the school for each member of the Academy learning community.
  • Community Hours Form
    Academy students should use this form to track the collection of their Community Involvement hours (required by the Ministry of Education in order to receive a high school diploma). Students may track all hours on one form, or use multiple copies.
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