Learn how to design and build using code! Join us every Saturday for 12 weeks with our on-site instructor and learn how to create websites, design apps and a whole lot more!

No previous experience with code needed! Workshops are open to all youth ages 12-16. Laptops will be provided and programming is free of cost.


To register please contact our program instructor Jacob Miller at: jmiller@ymcaacademy.org
The nature of the learning is hands on and self-motivated, so it’s never too late in the season to join.

Session:Start Date:End Date:
Summer SessionJuly 7th, 2018September 29th, 2018
Fall SessionSeptember 10th, 2018November 26th, 2018
Winter SessionTBDTBD
Spring SessionTBDTBD

Program Details

At The YMCA Academy we are currently running a program that has come to be called “Digitally Lit,” a program where youth get exposure to the logic, language, and practice of basic coding. They learn the basic practices of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, applying tags and commands in a hands-on environment.

During each week of the 12 weekly sessions new concepts were introduced, such as HTML tags, via engaging and different methods (including a game called “Tag-Tag-Revolution”). While maintaining a safe, and fun, atmosphere participants were free to explore themes that interested them both as an individual and in groups; including what makes a “safe space,” and “what can we do to educate others.”

Participants “remixed” (changed the information and structure) a website, edited a JavaScript card game, and worked towards an individual project. Time was given to work on these projects in session, and the learning is done by exploration and taking sites apart to see how they work. Some wanted to make websites, blogs, and other web content, while others wanted to work on building simple games.

Many participants wanted to continue to work on their projects at home, and since the majority of tools used are web-based, this was not only allowed, but encouraged. The rest of the programs used are free and small downloads for those that wished to continue working on the projects requiring extra programs. The sessions are open to all youth ages 12-16, both repeat participants and drop-ins are welcome.

A list of support organizations for the Digital Literacy program